Monday, 18 November 2013

Sachiiiiiiiiiin....... Sachin

Wow….. what a moving Speech by the Greatest Batsman ever produced by India, Sachin Tendulkar. This kind of Speech, where the whole Nation stood by and listened for a whole 15 Minutes without a Noise, has not been heard in a long long Time. The last I can remember People waiting to hear somebody desperately was for our Former Prime Minister, Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee.

However, the difference between Mr. Vajpayee and Sachin is that Mr. Vajpayee was always considered a Good Orator whereas in the case of Sachin, he was considered a ‘Man of Few Words’. A Shy Individual who always spoke with his Bat and rest of the time found solace in Music with Headphones on. So, hearing such a tremendous Speech from him, that too in Extempore, in front of such a wide Audience, was all the more commendable.

I will not talk here about the Stats which Sachin has created. A lot has already been said about it and People will always keep talking about it in the Field of Cricket. What I want to talk here about is how Big a Person Sachin has proved to be.

This Person came into Limelight since he was 16. Normally, kids who are exposed to so much Stardom so early in their lives, take it to their Heads and eventually get deviated from the Paths. But, not Sachin. He was throughout under Focus and is still is, but how he has stayed to remain Calm, Composed, Grounded and Humble is something to be wondered of.

Apart from being a Great Player, he has been a Good Son, Husband, Father, Brother, Friend, Team Player, Mentor…. & probably much more which we are not aware about. So, its not only his Stats which are Great but his overall Personality too which make this 5’5” Normal-sized Man much bigger than all the Civilians in India. And, now this has been proved by the Government of India awarding him with the highest Civilian Honour….. the Bharat Ratna.

This Mumbai Lad has proved that not only is he a Great son of India but also is a Great Human Being. Believe me, after watching his Farewell on Saturday, there is nothing running on my TV since last Two days except Sachin. I don’t feel like watching anything else. Just listening his Speech again-and-again and hearing him giving Interviews after it, is just so much Inspirational and all I am Interested in.

Above all, the Gesture which touched my Heart the most and I am sure of Millions too, was he walking to the Centre of the Pitch and touching it with both Hands for giving Respect for what it has given him since last 24 Years. It shows how much rooted Sachin is to India and he sent a Signal to the World that we, as Indians, no matter how Great we become, will always Love our Motherland. I am sure People in other Lands must be jealous that Sachin was not Born in their Country and we are so so Proud of the fact.

There is a lot for our People to learn from him. He has been the Inspiration for many Kids to take up Cricket as their chosen Profession. But, beyond that, we all should Learn that even if you gain a Stature of the World’s Largest, you will not become Small if you bend down. We all should remain Honest, shun our false Attitudes, Egos etc. and become Good Human Beings.

It was being said in our times, “Kheloge koodoge banoge kharab….. padhoge likhoge banoge nawab”. Thank God, Sachin’s Parents didn’t say that to him considering his Father was a Professor otherwise what would have happened to us!!! I am sure Parents’ attitude will change now and they will start giving more Freedom to their Kids to choose what they are Good at and not force them only to become Book Worms. 

It is said that People born in 80s like me had the priviledge to be the First & Last Generation to view many Social changes. But, now I can proudly say that I belong to a Generation when the God started playing Cricket!!!

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